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What is I-Days?

I-Days is a series of concerts: all the best of the music scene in 4 special days!

When is I-Days taking place?

I-Days Milano 2017 will take place from Friday, June 15th, to Sunday, June 18th included, in the wonderful venue of Parco di Monza, one of the biggest urban parks in the world, only 20 km away from the centre of Milan, Italy.

How big is Parco di Monza?

Parco di Monza has an area of 688 hectares, located near the city of Monza, in the area of Monza-Brianza. The park is famous, in addition to being one of the biggest parks in Europe, for having a very rich flora, and many building of architectonical interest, such as Reggia di Monza, villas, farmsteads and windmills. The park also houses a swimming pool and a golf club, as well as the Autodromo Nazionale, one of the most important racetracks in the world.

What can I visit in the area surrounding Parco di Monza?

Parco di Monza is a place of naturalistic, botanical, architectonic and sporting interest, thanks also to the presence of a swimming pool, a golf club and and many walking routes.

The park is located close to the city of Monza, a town rich of cultural spots: among these you will find Villa Reale, Duomo and the civic museums.

If you are looking for more information about Monza and what you can visit while you’re in town, you will find useful advice on the Monza e Brianza Turismo website: click here!

Are there other cities or other places of interest near Monza?

Monza and Parco di Monza are well connected to other cities of touristic interest: Milan, the main city of the Lombardia region, is only 22 km away from Parco di Monza, and it is easily reachable both with public transportation and by car.

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How is the area of Monza connected to other cities?

The Monza area is well connected to the rest of the Lombardia region, and it is particularly easy to reach from Milan and from all major airports, both with public transportation and by car.

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When will tickets go on sale?

They are already on sale! For info

For more info click here

Where can I buy tickets?

You can buy tickets on and in all authorized retailers.

For info click here

How much do tickets cost?

Each day of I-Days has a different price: find all the info, click here

Will there be multiple day tickets?

No, there are only single tickets for each day of I-Days.

Are there any tickets for disabled people?

Disabled people and persons with reduced mobility who want to participate to I-Days can write an e-mail to info[at] to request more information about tickets.

What do the colors on the tickets mean?

Each color stands for a different entrance to the concert area: colors are not indicators of early entry.

What is the difference between a single ticket and a Golden Circle ticket?

The Golden Circle ticket gives access to the pit, while the single ticket gives access to the concert area.

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Is the ticket valid only for the concert of the headliner or does it give access to all concerts for the entire day?

The tickets (both the single ticket and the Golden Circle) are valid for the entire day.

How can I reach you to inform you about something?

To inform us you can reach out to us by writing an e-mail to info[at]


What time do concerts start?

You will find soon all information regarding the timings!

Are people under 18 years of age allowed to enter the concert area?

Yes. It is strongly recommended for people under 14 years of age to be accompanied by at least one parent. People under 14 years of age who are not accompanied by their parents have to present at the entrance of I-Days a written authorization signed by their parents, together with a copy of their parents’ IDs.

For any doubt or request write us an e-mail to info[at]


How do I get to I-Days?

You can get to I-Days using a special bus service, public transportation, by car, by motorcycle and by bike.

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Are there any car parks near the I-Days area?

There will be car parks (with fees) near the I-Days area. More info to come soon!

Are there shuttle buses or other means of transportation to get back to Monza or Milan after the concerts?

Yes: there will be shuttle buses that, after the end of the concerts, leave from Parco di Monza for Milan (Milano Stazione Centrale).

Reservation is required.

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Can I come to I-Days by bike?


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YES All Ages Welcome

YES Beach Towels

YES Baby Strollers

YES Backpacks (medium-sized)

YES Phones / Chargers / Powerbanks

YES Lip Balm / Lipstick

YES Cigarettes / Lighters

YES Dancing Shoes

YES Digital & Film Cameras (Non-Professional)

YES Ear Plugs

YES Empty Plastic Bottles

YES Eye drops (subject to testing)

YES Condoms

YES Fanny Packs / Hip Bags

YES GoPros


YES Hand Sanitizer / Baby Wipes

YES Hats

YES Make Up

YES Parasols

YES Purses / Handbags

YES Smiles

YES Sun Block (Non-Aerosol)

YES Sunglasses

YES Insect repeller (stick)


 NO Aerosol products / Aerosol Cans

NO Air Horns

NO Audio Recording Devices

NO Bikes / Hoverboards

NO Chains

NO Professional Cameras 

NO Drones, Aircrafts, Monsters

NO Drugs

NO Fireworks / Explosives / Road Flares

NO Flyers / Sampling (non-authorized)

NO Glass / Metal Water Containers

NO Hula Hoops

NO Instruments

NO Kites / Sky Lanterns

NO Knives / Weapons / Sharp Objects

NO Laser Pointers

NO Pepper Spray

NO Outside Food & Beverages

NO Pets / Animals

NO Promotional Items

NO Scooter / Segway / Skateboard

NO Selfie sticks / Tripods

NO Tents / Sleeping Bags (in venue)

NO Toy Guns / Water Guns / Sling Shots

NO Umbrellas

NO Video Cameras